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HQ - Poland

3DGence is a global leader in the industrial 3D printing solutions influencing the development of companies from various industry segments, including Automotive, Aerospace, Machinery, and Healthcare, meeting their technological expectations. Since 2014, 3DGence has provided customers with industry-specific that drive customers improvements in production line performance and prototyping capabilities.


With headquarters in North America and Europe, 3DGence’s global team of experienced engineers and specialists fully covers the needs of customers across the world. Focusing on customers’ industry requirements and expectations, 3DGence delivers solutions that help in engineering the change and inspiring the future of the global industry of all kinds.

Based on a high level of industry expertise 3DGence ecosystem was created to ensure the best results, allowing customers to develop their unique workflow and optimize their performance. The industrial FDM 3D printers characterize smart and easy-to-use solutions, enabling the engineers to work faster and easier, seeking for innovations in their everyday lives. Advanced materials under the Certified Materials Database which gives users the choice - developed printing profiles matched with printed material equals the best possible printing results.

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