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3DXTech was founded in 2014 in Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA) as a specialty filament company. Born from over 25 years of Plastics Engineering expertise, the company's formulas focus on application and functionality of the end product. All of its filaments and 3D printers are manufactured in the USA in our 68,000 ft2 manufacturing facility using state-of-the-art equipment and processes. The 3DXTech filament portfolio includes a wide range of material grades ranging from PLA to ULTEM™ and everything in between.  In addition, the company offer the broadest range of filled materials (Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber, ESD) available on the market today. 

The Gearbox HT2 by 3DXTech is our new ultra-polymer 3D printer. This industrial grade printer was designed from the ground up to make on-demand, real-world functional parts in a variety of high-performance materials like ULTEM™, PEEK, PEKK and more.  With a build size of 18” x 18” x 32” (457 x 457 x 813mm) and a heated build chamber of up to 225°C, its open material system will enable you to produce parts in the widest array of materials from virtually any supplier.

Triton3D, a division of 3DXTech offers a vast portfolio of filaments that are compatible with Stratasys Fortus®, Dimension®, and legacy systems and provides customers with an alternative supplier for filaments at a significant discount. The company's goal continues to be to make the most innovative additive manufacturing filaments and equipment on the market, targeting difficult end-use applications where functionality is king.

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