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HQ - Italy

3ntr is a Jdeal-Form brand, a manufacturing company specialized in the construction of automatic machines. Founded in 1962, it has distinguished itself in the international market through its ability to optimize and produce the best machinery in-house to innovate production lines.

The first 3D printer with FDM technology was born in 2013, along with the 3ntr brand, precisely with the aim of facilitating in-house production, first with the aim of making up for delays of external supplies, and then carried forward with a long-term vision by the ownership. The accumulated know-how on a wide spectrum of technologies has made possible for 3ntr to establish itself as one of the best companies in the additive manufacturing and today, the 3D printers market represents the 100% of the company revenue.

In 2022 the company reached and surpassed the milestone of over 1000 system installed all over the world. 3ntr offers reliable systems to market-leading companies and small and medium-sized enterprises with ambitious projects and goals. The range of FDM 3D is developed by qualified engineers and technicians, aiming to offer customers a perfect tool for producing and prototyping with maximum safety and freedom of realization.

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