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6K Additive


6K’s UniMelt® microwave plasma develops advanced materials across a wide spectrum of markets including additive manufacturing and battery storage. It’s positioned to replace today’s traditional processes, which are environmentally unfriendly. 6K overcomes these limitations, delivering a significantly lower cost, more sustainable approach.


In additive manufacturing, the UniMelt utilizes materials like CNC scrap and turns it into premium powder. With close to 100% yield, energy is saved and waste eliminated throughout the process. Competing technologies create 70-75% scrap and are forced to either send it to landfill or put it back into the supply chain, increasing energy and carbon waste dramatically.


It’s a similar story with battery materials. Traditional processes generate large amounts of pollutants, consume huge quantities of water, use energy-intensive processes and take 2-3 days for production. The UniMelt produces material in 1-2 seconds, produces zero hazardous waste, achieves a 6X reduction in water usage, and a 3x reduction in power usage and CO2 emissions.

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