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HQ - Holland

AM-Flow delivers modular solutions to automate end-to-end industrial 3D printing production. AM-Flow combines expert knowledge in the field of 3D shape identification, industrial machine vision, and AI software, robotics, together with the integration of AM production-line hardware and middleware software.

Specific to the AM Industry is an infinite variety of parts produced on a daily basis, often combining a high-mix and high-volume context with custom series production. This complicates factory automation since there is no standard product library or standard bill of materials to optimize for. With this complexity in mind, AM-Flow offers unique AI-based hardware and software solutions for bin picking (AM-PICK), part identification (AM-VISION), sorting (AM-SORT), transportation (AM-ROUTE), digital workflow software (AM-LOGIC), bagging & labelling (AM-BAGGING) and quality assessment (AM-QUALITY).

The AM-Flow team combines a background in additive- and traditional manufacturing environments (Lean Six Sigma, QRM), to bring proven methods for efficient and effective production to next-generation digital production environments.

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