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AM Solutions

HQ - Germany

With over 80 years of cross-industry know-how, Rösler is among the worldwide leading suppliers of innovati­ve solutions in the field of surface finishing. In recent years, the company have been increasingly dealing with requests for the surface finishing of 3D printed parts. In this sense, Rösler have concluded quickly that, compared to traditional manufacturing processes, additive manufacturing poses entirely new challenges for post processing. Often, these are still solved manually, but this has a negative impact on cost-effectiveness and reprodu­cibility.


To meet these requirements in the best possible way, Rösler founded the brand AM Solutions - 3D post pro­cessing technology, which will be responsible for de­veloping and offering tailor-made equipment, process technologies, and consumables for the automated post processing of 3D printed components. Regard­less of material, printing process or production volu­me, the company will find the best quality and most economical solution for your post processing requirements. For this purpose, Rösler also gladly advise you already during the design phase of your parts.


The company provide tailor equipment for:

  • Unpacking of work pieces

  • Removal of support structures

  • Removal of loose and sintered powder from the component surface

  • Smoothing and cleaning of internal passages

  • Surface cleaning

  • Surface homogenization, surface grinding & smoothing and (high gloss) polishing

  • Surface preparation for subsequent manufacturing steps, e.g. coating and painting

  • Liquid color smoothing


As your qualified partner Rösler offer you:

  • Decades of experience in the processing and finishing of surfaces for a wide range of industries

  • Broad portfolio of machines for surface processing/finishing specially developed and adapted for AM

  • Individually adapted process development for every workpiece and every process step

  • 80,000 m2 production and development at the German site

  • 400 m2 Customer Experience Center at the German site

  • Many years of experience in automation / process interlinking

  • Competent after sales support and worldwide subsidiaries as direct local contacts

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