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HQ - Luxemburg

Additive manufacturing of lightweight, complex shape composite material parts with superior mechanical properties for end-use production in aerospace, automotive, robotics and healthcare industries. Up to 3 times weight reduction and up to 95% cost savings compared to other technologies. Disruptive technology for numerous emerging markets that aims to replace metal parts with more optimal composite material parts wherever it is possible.

Anisoprint is a hardware startup producing Carbon Fiber 3D Printers that allow to manufacture carbon reinforced plastic parts that can substitute metal ones in aerospace and engineering areas along with cutting costs and increasing productivity.


The company is now on the cusp of a new industrial revolution that will end mass production in areas where individual goods or small batch goods are needed. Products for sports, robots, quadcopters, medical prostheses and orthoses, sports goods.


Anisoprint follow this revolution and are going to be a part of it, thus the company developed a technology that allows to 3D-print functional products from composites reinforced with continuous fibers that are many times lighter and stronger than metal ones.

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