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HQ - Luxemburg

Anisoprint is a hardware startup that produces 3D Printers for high and low temperature plastics, enabling the production of Continuous Fiber Reinforced Composites that can replace metals in aerospace and engineering applications while lowering costs and increasing productivity. The solution package includes hardware, printing materials (polymers and fibres), software, and training.


The company’s patented unique Continuous Fiber Coextrusion technology allows to create lattices, adopt optimized designs and produce multimaterial structures. It makes possible to 3D-print functional products from composites reinforced with continuous fibers that are many times lighter and stronger than metal ones.


The technology is driving the new additive manufacturing industrial paradigm that will end mass production in areas where customization, flexible material choice and small batch goods play a major part: UAVs and drones, service robotics, urban mobility, commercial and private space, etc.

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