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HQ - France

Cognitive Design Systems is a product design platform created to enable designers and engineers generate designs using AI. CDS aims to democratize design consultancy and shorten the design cycle process by optimizing design manufacturability.

Whether it is by means of machine learning algorithms or CDS extensive experience in manufacturing, the company aims to make the most out of knowledge. It's mission is to incorporate the best of both insights in our platform. CDS uses proprietary artificial intelligence to generate and optimize design. 

Sketch, form, plan, structure, conceptualize and create, to make abstract dreams into reality. CDS believes that a creative mindset allows us to go beyond the traditional method and explore the unthinkable.

The company is first and foremost a tech company that aims to provide the best-in-class innovation and technological solutions to our clients through it's platform.  As an ensemble of interconnecting networks and mechanisms, a system, CDS always work better together.

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