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HQ - Austria

Cubicure GmbH develops, produces and distributes industrial 3D printing solutions for polymer parts. With roots in academia and the ambition to help shape the digital future of manufacturing, this Vienna-based company has been setting the course for agile production since 2015. Their Hot Lithography process enables the unprecedented additive manufacturing of resilient high-precision components.

At the company's technology's core lies a specially developed, patented heating and coating mechanism. This mechanism is capable of safely processing even highly viscous resins and pastes at working temperatures of up to 120 °C with the utmost precision.


Elevated temperatures do not only affect the viscosity of a resin, but also its stability and reactivity. Hence, a precise process handling and control is necessary to avoid unintended polymerization and consequently, the degradation of the material. Thus, the temperature of all process elements can be precisely controlled.

How it works

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