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HQ - The Netherlands

The company helps you digitize your supply chain and improve its performance. DiManEx offers an end-to-end platform-based service that leverages sophisticated data analysis and machine learning to help you identify the right parts for on-demand and local manufacturing. This analysis uses both supply chain and technical data from your own PLM and ERP systems, as well as existing 3D or 2D drawings you have.

The platform integrates with your existing workflow and internal processes and helps you avoid investments in 3D printing hardware and tooling. DiManEx’s solution supports various ways of data extraction & analysis, part (re-)design, conversion of physical parts into a ‘digital twin’ and secures quality controlled processes in using 3D printing at scale. The automated workflow provided on the platform allows easy and effective part selection for 3D printing, quotation, ordering and local delivery.

The service gives you immediate insights into the Total Cost of Ownership business case for applying Additive Manufacturing and Additive Casting, the positive sustainability effects of doing so and with its extensive digitization capabilities makes your supply chain more resilient and future proof.

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