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DNAam is a global additive manufacturing technology brand, that offers solutions to digitalize the additive manufacturing sector throughout advanced manufacturing supply chains. Working closely with industry leaders, academia, advanced manufacturing OEMs and AM machine manufacturers, provides technology that underpins digital additive manufacturing production to align with Industry 4.0. 

Key Features:

  • Trace: Our trace functionality allows you to see where something originated at the click of a button, this runs throughout the software for parts, tools, users processes and stock.

  • Project based format: has a project-based format for carrying out work meaning that multiple jobs can easily be carried out in parallel, this provides a more flexible way of carrying out the manufacturing of parts.

  • Stock: Stock has been redesigned to allow the user to handle multiple variants of the same type of stock whilst also being able to record chemical analysis and characteristics against items of stock.

  • Types of AM: The software has been designed to support all 7 types of additive manufacturing and their post-processing requirements. The system is configurable so that only relevant information is shown depending on what AM process is selected.

How it works

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