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Dyndrite’s ACE and Application Development Kit (ADK) Deliver Power, Freedom, and Control to AM.

Dyndrite is a software company that provides OEMs and application developers with the technology they need to create powerful, innovative, and competitive products. Companies use Dyndrite tools to develop manufacturing processes such as build preparation (additive CAM), materials and process development, calibration and qualification, and even automated production lines.


POWER: At the foundation of the company's solutions lies the Dyndrite Accelerated Computation Engine.  ACE is the world’s first  multi-threaded, GPU-accelerated geometry kernel. Even if you're not sure what that means, suffice to say it's a refreshingly modern approach to computing  that can handle whatever massive 3D data files you give it--at screaming fast speeds.


FREEDOM: Dyndrite licenses the ACE together with an Application Development Kit (ADK), which makes building advanced AM applications straightforward. Using Python you can write your own applications,  for your own additive manufacturing needs. And the best part? It’s geometry agnostic, so you can work with native CAD data, imported directly into your system (of course, you can still import STL if you prefer).


CONTROL: The Dyndrite ADK  includes a Toolpathing API that can perform advanced 3D geometric queries. The API sees your geometry as a volume made up of voxels–not a 2.5D model. It can generate unique 3D fields, create unlimited thresholds, and even select intersections and perform other Boolean-like operations. That means you can assign more parameters to your geometry than ever before.  The results? Among other things, you now have unprecedented options for: 

  • Developing new materials and special alloys, including multi-material.

  • Resolving difficult-to-print geometries.

  • Fine control over print quality (material homogeneity, surface profile).

  • Fine control over build rate/printer efficiency (large/multi layer heights, cost per part).

  • Determining whether a process requires aids such as supports.


For years, tightly held software has limited innovation in the additive manufacturing industry. Dyndrite provides a new path for visionary companies that can no longer wait for the industry to move forward. With Dyndrite, they have the power, freedom, and control to move forward in whatever direction they choose.

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Dyndrite licenses its powerful ACE and ADK for fast additive manufacturing applications. OEMS, ISVs, and other enterprise solution providers, including Dyndrite itself, builds on this foundation –delivering more responsive and automated build prep, materials and process development, calibration and qualification, and production applications.

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