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HQ - Czech Republic

Fillamentum is a fast-growing innovative company and number one in production of high-tech 3D printing filaments, worldwide. This Czech brand is a trendsetter in 3D printing materials and a part of Industry 4.0 revolution, implements automatization and robotization.

The company, which is based in the Moravian town of Hulín, currently employs 40 people, making it one of the smaller organizations. Nevertheless, its scope is global. Under the Fillamentum brand, products are distributed to more than 62 countries worldwide. Thanks to this fact, Fillamentum was also The Best Global Exporter in Export prize DHL Unicredit in 2018.

Fillamentum has a diverse portfolio of 3D printing materials that will be appreciated by casual printers, but especially by experienced industrial engineers who need special mechanical properties for their applications. High quality is the company's main driver, which is supported by the fact that the company won the prestigious 3D Printing Industry Awards in the Material Company of the Year category in 2021.

Fillamentum's brand vision is focused on sustainability. In 2021, it released a game-changer in 3D printing materials. It is a NonOilen, recyclable, and 100% biodegradable material. This material was also presented at the EXPO 2020 in Dubai, where its exhibit was even awarded the Commissioner General's Award for Czech participation - The Most Significant Contribution to the Topic of Sustainability.

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