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HQ - Austria

Several decades of experience in special machine construction combined with unique expertise in additive manufacturing make HAGE3D one of the European market leaders in industrial 3D printing. The reliable HAGE3D printing solutions with industrial control for industrial material extrusion (melt layer process) promise detail accuracy, repeatability and maximum precision. The large built chambers are used for the production of functional prototypes, design prototypes, functional components and small series, as well as for brackets and fixture construction.


The first 3D printer, the HAGE3DPa2, was launched back in 2014. Over the years, the team of mechanical engineering experts, engineers, plastics technicians and experienced designers have been able to significantly expand the product range and thus the variety of materials and component sizes. The basic technology is material extrusion, which great advantage is the wide range of materials.


This advantageous technology allows a wide variety of molding compounds to be processed, such as pellets or filaments. Compared to other additive manufacturing technologies, the process offers the advantages of the compact process as well as the openness of the material and high printing volumes. The potential for multiple extrusion (hybrid components etc.) is another advantage.

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