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HQ - Austria

Incus is an engineering company based in Vienna, Austria – a growing European additive manufacturing hub – with a new approach to lithography-based metal additive manufacturing. Born out of the research and development division of Lithoz GmbH, the world market leader in technical ceramic additive manufacturing, Incus began with a passion for lithography-based additive manufacturing and a fascination with metal materials.


Incus founder and CEO, Dr. Gerald Mitteramskogler, put his extensive technical knowledge of additive manufacturing of high-performance ceramics and metals into creating faster and easier way of producing high-precision parts. That’s how name “Incus” came about: Incus means ‘anvil’ in Latin, referencing our new approach on the centuries-old, traditional process for shaping metals.

Through ongoing collaboration between experts in the areas of mechanical and industrial engineering, material science and chemistry, Incus has succeeded in developing a new sinter-based additive manufacturing system. The fields of application are almost limitless and include the automotive, aerospace and medical sector as also jewellery or game piece manufacturing.

Our portfolio includes products, services and research – from 3D printing solutions, software and material to service packages, technical support and innovation studies. We are constantly working to overcome the limitations of existing technologies and improve our range of solutions and services in order to meet the high expectations of our customers.

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