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Mantle accelerates product development by simplifying how mold tool components are made. Mantle’s TrueShape metal 3D printing technology delivers the accuracy, surface finish, and tool steel properties required for demanding tooling applications. The hybrid metal 3D printing technology produces tooling components that reduce the time and cost of making production-grade tools, injection molds, and dies. Mantle’s technology combines additive 3D printing of metal pastes with subtractive machining and its tool steels have been used to produce millions of end-use parts for customers - a number that grows each day.


Mantle was founded in 2016 by Steven Connor and Ted Sorom. Connor had previously developed metal pastes for the solar industry and wondered if a similar material could be layered to produce solid metal parts. He joined forces with Sorom, who has a background in product development as a CTO, who saw the opportunity to use Mantle’s technology to create the tools and dies used to mass produce the products that surround us. Their goal from the beginning was to solve the real problem of tooling lead times and costs for OEMs and manufacturers who struggle to keep up with the pace of innovation. 


Mantle is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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