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Mantle helps manufacturers bring new products to life faster, cheaper, and more easily than ever before with its patented TrueShape metal 3D printing technology. TrueShape delivers precision parts that dramatically cut the time and cost of making production-grade tools, molds, and dies. Mantle tools have produced hundreds of thousands of parts for customers - a number that grows each day. Mantle is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

For years, the reality of 3D metal printing has lagged behind the promise of cost-effective part manufacturing. Existing metal printing technologies were expensive and produced casting-quality parts that were a far cry from the surface finish and tolerances needed in many applications. A new approach was needed.


After successfully developing a new printable electronics material for the solar industry, Stephen Connor wondered if a similar material could be layered to produce solid metal parts. He joined forces with Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur Ted Sorom to form Mantle.


The goal was to solve real problems for OEMs and manufacturers who struggled to keep up with the pace of innovation. Having spent his early career as a product design engineer, Ted saw the opportunity to use Mantle’s technology to create the tools and dies used to mass produce the products that surround us.

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