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HQ - Finland

miniFactory Oy Ltd is an industrial 3D printer manufacturer focusing on high-performance polymers and polymer composites. Company is based in Finland and was founded in 2012.


The company’s brand new miniFactory Ultra 2 system is a versatile powerhouse in industrial 3D printing. The miniFactory Ultra 2 is packed with performance and unprecedented technical solutions that enable the effective use of additive manufacturing in the most demanding applications, across many industries.


This high-temperature (250C heated chamber) 3D printer is compatible with a range of high-performance and engineering thermoplastics such as PEEK, PEI (ULTEM), and PEKK.

The Ultra 2 is equipped with comprehensive quality assurance technology including real-time production supervision and layer-by-layer inspection.

With this type of technology, users can achieve the best results regardless of the materials being used.

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