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Zetamix (by Nanoe)

HQ - France

Nanoe is a company that creates and developpes innovative high performant types of ceramic materials used in diverse industries, from biomedical to aerospace and semiconductor. Through its brand Zetamix, Nanoe also specializes in developing ceramic and metal filaments made from their pure high performance powders Alumina, Zirconia, Black Zirconia, 316L or H13 steel.


These filaments are able to create various parts with a density of 99% for ceramics and between 90 and 95% for metal through a thrilling 3D printing process, which Zetamix also specializes in. Starting with printing, which can easily be achieved since the filaments are compatible with any FFF printer on the market, then through debinding, to remove the binder that was added to the ceramic powder so that it can be easily shaped, and finally reaching the final stage of the high temperature sintering, where the part densifies itself and take its final form.


Adding to that, Zetamix also puts in the disposal of its customers a variety of machines, tools and information to ease the task and make the 3D printing world easily accessible

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