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NinjaTek, a division of Fenner Drives, is a high performance 3D printing material supplier, focused on introducing specialty materials for use in the industrial space. NinjaTek was created to build on the success of its flagship product, NinjaFlex 3D printing filament.


The company's material is the leading flexible filament in the 3D printing industry. Its popularity was built on unique flexible performance, strength and consistent product quality. Unique performance characteristics and product quality are continued areas of concentration for NinjaTek.


NinjaTek is led by a multidisciplinary team with a focus on new products. As a division of Fenner Drives, it leverages 50 years of extrusion manufacturing expertise, with a unique expertise in polyurethane materials. With the infrastructure of Fenner Drives and the flexibility of a small team, NinjaTek is uniquely positioned to best service its customers.

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