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ORYX Additive


Oryx, a trusted additive manufacturer providing patented 3D finishing solutions for over 10 years with over 16,000 equipment units out in circulation, takes pride in its devotion to providing customers with trusted solutions that encompass high product reliability, factual product testing data, and exceptional customer service. Notable product families such as our line of sca products help to define this company as a leader within the AM Finishing industry, proving their constant pursuit of achieving the full potential of additive manufacturing.


Removing support materials is a significant part of finishing, but there’s often more work that needs to be done before a print can be finalized. Using its accumulated 3D printing experience, Oryx Additive specializes in helping manufacturers streamline this process, and ensure the maximization of quality and throughput of their final prints.


Oryx Additive aims to collaborate with others in the development of trusted finishing solutions that meet customer needs. Whether you are looking for a cost-effective semi-automated workflow, or a lights-out, fully-automated system, the team of engineers at Oryx Additive love working with clients to deliver value based solutions to fit those needs.

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