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Photocentric has been manufacturing photopolymer resin since 2002 and are the undisputed world-leaders in visible light polymerisation. For nearly two decades, Photocentric has prioritized innovation at the centre of our corporate culture, creating new products for the printing industry. Our patented technology has enabled us to become the leading and most trusted company in making crystal clear craft stamps, both in the UK and the USA.


In 2014 the company started its journey into 3D printing with the use of LCD screens as the selective light source to harden visible light photopolymer. This has proven to be the company’s greatest innovation and commercial success so far. This technology is starting to change wider volume manufacturing not just additive manufacturing.


Today, the company is delivering on its early ambition of using screens to enable custom mass manufacture. This vision has become a reality through the application of a large number of its largest format and technically most advanced printer, the Liquid Crystal Magna. This has proven its disruptive ability by delivering order of magnitude improvements for the customer in terms of cost, productivity and reliability. The company’s chemical development partnership with BASF is delivering on the promise of producing usable functional parts. Photocentric is applying this disruptive technology to a wide variety of industries commencing with automotive, dental and industrial components.

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