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PRINT&GO is a 3D printing workflow software that connects 3D printers of multiple brands with the most advanced Artificial Intelligence features. The company's solution incorporates everything you need for your printer or your 3D printer fleet to work unassisted. It is the solution to automate the management of the different stages within the 3D manufacturing process, implementing a flexible printing strategy and providing cost reduction through an optimized workflow.

With PRINT&GO you can monitor your 3D printers, controlling them remotely and in real time. It allows you to plan production by analyzing manufacturing costs and traceability, as well as to manage stock by optimizing material consumption and production times. PRINT&GO is a software solution that works with different brands of 3D printers on the market and allows managing all of them from one simple interface.


PRINT&GO works with multiple packs, that you can choose according to your needs: 


The Basic Pack helps you to manufacture more efficiently, thanks to functionalities like Fast print, Print in queue, Camera in real time, among others, also with platform access from any device (computer, tablet, smartwatch, smartphone...). 


With Maintenance Pack you could establish direct contact with our technical team and 3D printing specialists through the 24/5 Help Desk with live chat and calls and with the possibility of activating the direct remote service. You will be able to access the FAQs section with the PRINT&GO manuals, which our specialists have prepared for you. In addition, you will have exclusive services such as Backup, Swap Service and Predictive Analysis Production so that our specialists can know the status of your equipment and your 3D prints and be more effective when it comes to solving a problem.


Furthermore, you can get the most out of your 3D printers with the Optimal Sheduling Pack, which works with planning algorithm that distributes and orders the parts of your projects with the compatible 3D printer models, ensuring production parallelization and respecting the deadlines of each project.


You will also be able to create your own users and decide what role will have each one in your company, thanks to the Multiprofile Pack. This way, you can restrict their actions and identify who is responsible for each of them.


The Reporting Pack makes available a complete and detailed record of your 3D printers, material consumption and workflow. You will be able to compile reports that calculate the performance levels of your equipment, to obtain better results in future prints, and to reprint those 3D models that have given you such good results.


PRINT&GO has incorporated the new Artificial Intelligence Pack with the star functionality: Spaghetti Detector. It will warn you immediately when spaghetti is being printed, so you can stop it, in order to save costs and time. 
We know that the generation of spaghetti is a setback that can arise during 3D printing. For this reason, and so that you can combat it in your company, at PRINT&GO, we have integrated a new Artificial Intelligence pack that detects, through algorithms, the printing of spaghetti. Thanks to this new functionality, you will be able to stop printing spaghetti and, consequently, save costs and production times. 

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