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HQ - Canada

Rapidia is unlocking the true potential of metal 3D printing with the simplest, fastest and most affordable metal additive manufacturing system on the market today.


Rapidia’s revolutionary water-based process enables complex and strong metal parts to be printed in only two steps, making it possible to produce most parts in under 24 hours. Parts go straight from the printer to the sintering furnace, with no need for a lengthy debinding process nor costly additional machines. Printing with a unique water-based metal paste, the Rapidia system is completely solvent-free and avoids the hazards and costs of working with loose metal powder, making it as simple to use as a plastic 3D printer. It is the first truly office-friendly metal 3D printing system.


Rapidia is the only system able to print hollow parts using Rapidia’s proprietary evaporative support technology. Produce complex assemblies with ease by water fusing 3D printed parts together, or by fusing 3D printed parts to machined parts. Take control of your production process with a choice of support modes: hand removable metal supports or proprietary evaporating supports.


Rapidia’s innovative support system saves time and reduces cost by eliminating up to 90% of the metal normally wasted on supports. With a number of metal materials available, Rapidia gives you the freedom to create even the most complex parts. Available for 1/10th the cost of a laser sintering installation, reserve your system today and experience a metal 3D printing system that works for your business.

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