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Rapid Shape

HQ - Germany

Rapid Shape is an innovative and leading solution provider of specialized 3D printing systems for dentistry, hearing aids, jewellery and industrial markets. With headquarters and production in Southern Germany, Rapid Shape operates globally and in close cooperation with sales, material and technology partners to develop industry-specific products. As a result, Rapid Shape has positioned itself as a pioneer in 3D printing, setting new standards for speed, reliability and accuracy based on its patented technology.

3D printing is supposed to save time – not cost you time. This is exactly where the company's patented solutions come in. For instance, Rapid Shape printers Automatic Separation units, which take off the work of separating the printed parts from the build platform. Then the printer starts the next print job independently. Additionally, the Automatic Refill unit ensures that there is always a sufficiently high level of print material in the reservoir so that manual refilling is no longer necessary. All these innovations have led to the reduction of idle time and cleaning time for good.


Before each 3D-printer leaves our manufacturing facility, it undergoes several rigorous quality checks. One of the most important step in this is printing. Validated print jobs are printed on each printer and then checked for dimensional accuracy. This ensures that the printers meet our high-quality standards and can be sent on their way to our valued customers.

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