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Rena Technologies

HQ - Austria

“The art of wet processing.” RENA Technologies is one of the world's leading suppliers of production equipment and service finishing for wet chemical surface treatment. RENA equipment typically treats or modifies the surfaces of solar cells, semiconductor wafers, optical substrates, dental implants or other high-tech products using wet chemical processing.


For 3D printed parts RENA has developed a unique electrochemical process called Hirtisation®. This process achieves unprecedented surface qualities in very short processing time and expands the boundaries of 3D printing. Even the smallest inner support structures can be removed and even the most fragile designs can be post processed thanks to the complete lack of mechanical impact on the piece.


RENA makes Hirtisation® available in two ways:


  • Service Finishing of 3D printed part in its site in Austria. This step is recommended for smaller series or the initial sampling even for larger production series.

  • Sale of Hirtisation® finishing modules. Installation of an own finishing module is recommended in case of larger scale 3D series production. For the flexible and reliable finishing of 3D printing metal parts all three steps of the Hirtisation® process are included in the autonomous H[1]series finishing modules. The H-series modules support the tuning of the Hirtisation® post processing to the 3D-printig process for maximum efficiency and short finishing cycles

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