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HQ - Italy

Sharebot is a dynamic company devoted to developing high precision, reliable, and easy to use 3D printers. The company's printers are dedicated to the professional and desktop market. Our aim is to provide the perfect tool to optimize the professional workflow and transform any desk into a personal creation center.


Sharebot offers 3D printing solutions with every known technology: filament deposition, resin, and powders sintering. The company also provides classes and workshops about 3D printing, with full technical support and assistance thanks to an increasing network of resellers and distributors spread all around Italy, the rest of Europe, and World.

At the end of 2013, Cristian Giussani read an article on Wired about Andrea Radaelli, one of the first in Italy to create a 3D printer. Arturo Donghi informed by Cristian, decides to contact Andrea to create a company focused on research and production of 3D printers. Thus Sharebot was born. The founding team consists of:


Arturo Donghi, current CEO, responsible for the company’s strategy and marketing; Andrea Radaelli, head of research and development of 3D printers; Cristian Giussani, software development; Ambrogio Donghi COO, Marzia Pezzali head of the academy. This group of highly qualified, experienced and passionate people shared the same goal: taking care of the dream called Sharebot.

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