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Sintratec is the leading Swiss provider of first-class selective laser sintering (SLS) solutions. The professional 3D printing systems and resilient materials meet the highest industrial requirements. From the consultation to the service – Sintratec offers a user-friendly and overall package for modern, scalable additive manufacturing. To realize your ideas and designs in a fast and cost-effective way.

The company's vision isn’t just to make your design ideas tangible; it’s also to give them the perfect shape and a flawless surface. With the help of Sintratec technology, you’ll be developing better products, further optimizing your applications, and therefore creating some key advantages. Your creativity should be given a free rein, and untapped potential in design and development should be unleashed. It’s all about breaking down existing barriers between the ideas in your head and implementing them in reality – no matter whether you’re dealing with a batch size of one or one thousand.

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