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HQ - Germany

Since 2015, Solukon is the known pioneer and market leader in automated powder removal in additive manufacturing. The Augsburg-based machine manufacturer has developed the state-of-theart technology for depowdering, the Smart Powder Recuperation Technology SPR®. Through targeted vibration excitation and automated rotation around two axes, the Solukon systems remove excess powder from complex internal structures of the metal component in a protected atmosphere. For powder removal from metal parts, Solukon currently has four systems on the market, each of them optimized for specific part sizes and applications.


The SFP770 makes the Solukon portfolio complete, a postprocessing system for EOS P7 polymer parts. This is the only system in the world that combines an unpacking and cleaning station for plastic parts in one system. Solukon has depowdering systems in 28 countries around the world and leading manufacturers such as EOS, AMCM and SLM Solutions, institutes such as NASA and Cern and companies such as Siemens and ArianeGroup rely on Solukon technology. All Solukon products are made and engineered in Germany

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