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HQ - France

Spengler is a French company based in the whereabouts of Versailles, specializing in additive manufacturing & post-processing system engineering and production, founding member of the IntegrAM group.

Having previously developed SLS 3D printers, Spengler's deep knowledge in powder-based AM Systems was key for the development of systems like the DCK 01, the first fully automated and all-in-one post-processing system for laser sintering and MJF 3D printers, that can perform decaking, depowdering, pre-finish and powder sieving of a full build cake just at the push of a button.

The Spengler/IntegrAM catalog includes also automated surface finishing systems for metal and plastic, the SurfPro MF. Available in different and customizable configurations, they are based on the patented Microfluid technology, which boasts a true, full automation of the process combined with a gentle touch over fine details, making it ideal for medical or luxury applications, among all others.

Spengler also delivers advanced training and application engineering services, as well as process development for new Pbf materials for chemical companies and end-users.

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