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HQ - Germany

trinckle sees 3D printing as a revolutionary force in production and a transformative element for business models. The company's software makes it simple for businesses of all sizes to unlock this potential. The heart of trinckle's software range is its powerful paramate engine, designed to allow customers to adapt any product to their needs – whether it’s patient-specific prosthesis, mechanically optimized industrial components like end-of-arm grippers, low-volume jigs and fixtures, or personalized lifestyle products. 


trinckle's software focuses on automating design processes and converting CAD expertise into user-friendly algorithms. This approach enables CAD experts to streamline repetitive tasks, and empowers CAD novices to create and customize professional-grade designs with ease. 


trinckle's leading product, fixturemate, has gained widespread adoption among major brands for its efficiency in designing critical production tools. These tools range from machining and measuring fixtures to specialized applications in bonding, welding, inspection, and internal logistics. Through fixturemate, customers significantly reduce design costs by up to 90% and speed up product development cycles from several weeks to just a few days.

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