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HQ - Belgium

ValCUN is a Belgium-based additive manufacturing company that has developed an innovative metal technology, offering unmatched sustainability, deployability and cost-effectiveness for metal parts production.  

ValCUN patented Molten Metal Deposition technology uses wire as feedstock and deposits it in a continuous liquified way to build the 3D part in a single step. With straight forward post-processing, without the need for de-binding, sintering or buildplate cutting for part removal, ValCUN delivers exceptional time-to-part. The technology can be considered as direct metal FFF. The usage of wire reduces waste and eliminates environmental and safety concerns associated with powders.

ValCUN’s first generation of  printers and printheads solutions focuses on aluminum, including the potential for direct printing of high strength alloys such as 6XXX series and 7XXX series.

How it works

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