Velo3D provides an end-to-end metal 3D printing solution for mission-critical parts used for space exploration, to enhance transportation efficiency, and to produce cleaner energy. The company's advanced solution helps innovators build the complex parts they need without compromising design or quality, empowering the visionaries of today to build the technologies of tomorrow.

From software to hardware to complete product support, Velo3D is an end-to-end manufacturing solution that gives designers and engineers unparalleled freedom to create what was previously considered “impossible”. In our quest to unlock tomorrow’s innovations, we enable parts to be printed to exacting standards of consistency, quality and repeatability that hasn’t existed to this degree, until now.


Velo3D advanced end-to-end solution allows engineers to create the impossible. The company help the world’s most innovative minds overcome the most complex challenges, taking metal AM to new levels of performance and efficiency.

How it works

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