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Wayland Additive


Wayland Additive Limited is a West-Yorkshire based company pushing the boundaries of electron beam metal 3D printing. Wayland develops, manufactures and sells metal Additive Manufacturing (“AM” – 3D printing) machines to industrial end-users such as major players in the aerospace, energy and medical industries, among others. 


Wayland’s NeuBeam technology is based around highly sophisticated evolutions from the worlds of scanning electron microscopy and electron beam lithography. As a result of these innovations the Calibur3 machine offers higher productivity, unparalleled process monitoring and control, and versatility in materials for complex, production applications of AM.

Wayland Additive can boast a combined 150+ years of industrial electron beam manufacturing expertise. The company was born out of a high precision engineering team with a long and distinguished pedigree in the semiconductor industry, where electron beam widths are measured in nanometers and process instabilities are unacceptable. The use of and experience with eBeam technology in semiconductor manufacturing indicated that its use in additive manufacturing could be improved and this is what Wayland has achieved.


Thus, since 2015 a team of eBeam experts from the lithography world have coalesced around solving the single most serious problem inherent in the eBeam AM process, the charging of the powder. Machine sales are ongoing, and the machines began shipping in 2022.

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