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HQ - Sweden

Wematter, a Swedish 3D printer manufacturer, makes advanced industrial technology available in a user-friendly, all-in-one solution that includes hardware and software. This tech allows customers to produce, for example, chainsaws, prosthetic bones, and robotic arms right where they are needed. Wematter saves working time and lowers investment barriers by focusing its efforts on user-friendliness. Its 3D printing solution lowers the thresholds for on-site use in the customer's office, manufacturing, and development environments, thus creating new commercial opportunities.

Now you can print finished products with SLS-quality without the need for powder rooms, dedicated staff and complex settings. 3D-printed components from Wematter Gravity have the same strength as injection molding and can replace both milled aluminium and tool investments. The advantages of additive manufacturing with the strength from conventional manufacturing.


When Wematter was founded, there was a clear ambition to develop a system that is as easy to handle as FDM-printers, with the same capabilities as SLS with comparable strength to conventional manufacturing. The result is Wematter Gravity, an SLS 3D printer that produces production-quality components and unique powder handling that enables manufacturing in the office.

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