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3D Printing Companies

3D Printing Companies

TOP 100 AM






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3D Software

Providers of 3D printing

software tools

3D Printing

Manufacturers of industrial

3D printing systems


Manufacturers of automated

post processing solutions


Developers of providers

of materials for 3D printing

What the TOP 100 AM stand for

Today, we are witnessing the evolution of the 3D printing industry, from focusing on solutions for prototyping applications to the intergradation of additive manufacturing technologies in manufacturing processes. With this progression comes a fundamental shift in what it means to be an innovative company in this rapidly changing marketplace.


The Top 100 AM was created by 3D Alliances to select and present the most innovative software, hardware, and 3D material printing companies which are accelerating the adoption of additive manufacturing. Regardless of how large or small a company may be, all selected companies are judged purely on merit.


The goal is to strengthen bonds between leading solution vendors in the industry, with the desired outcome of collaborations and integrations of different solutions. These strategies will also help industrial users easily explore and connect with the 3D printing companies of tomorrow. 

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The selection process

Companies are evaluated by the veteran 3D Alliances team. 3D Alliances is a business consulting firm with a global network of hundreds of 3D printing companies and thousands of 3D printing resellers from 74 countries around the world.


At the annual Formnext show in November in Frankfurt, Germany, and at other AM events during the year, we will meet with those 3D printing companies that have applied to be listed in the following year's edition. All candidates will be evaluated at these events and selected according to two main parameters: how innovative their solutions are in accelerating the adoption of additive manufacturing in manufacturing processes and how open they are to connections with complementary solutions.


The selected companies will be announced at the middle of each year in a special feature published on the 3D Alliances and 3D Evaluate network. The listed companies will use this recognition to position themselves both as leading innovators in their field and as important players in the industry.

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Key highlights

Although most solution providers are industrial 3D printing system manufacturers, in the past several years, we have seen an increasing volume of software and post-processing vendors that are aiming to streamline the end-to-end AM workflow. Having the right design, optimization, management software tools, and automated post-processing solutions supports faster adoption of AM in producing final products.

TOP 100 AM companies split by solution type

TOP 100 AM companies split by region

While European companies are leading the Top 100 AM list, it is composed mainly of innovative start-up companies. The diverse European landscape generates a nice split between small and medium-sized companies across different countries, alongside several veteran industry leaders. North American companies, which include most unicorns and publicly traded companies on the list, are leading revenue-wise.

Selected solutions providers

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Apply for the 2024 edition

Present your innovative technology and

how it aims to accelerate the adoption of

Additive Manufacturing

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