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HQ - Germany

Xioneer is a leading manufacturing company for soluble support materials and 3D printing accessories. Xioneer is known for its line of unique alkaline-soluble support filaments called VXL, used by customers and leading 3D printer brands all over the world. Xioneer´s support materials VXL 70, VXL 90, VXL 111, and VXL 130 print effortlessly, adhere to most model materials, and dissolve quickly.


Real innovation is pushed by cross-functional teams. Xioneer decided to blend experts for designing machines with experts for developing materials – each contributing their own unique seeds and ideas for the diverse 3D printing technology FFF. The company’s leading principle is: Easy and reliable to use for everyone.


All 3D Printing products need to match perfectly together: Software, hardware, and materials. But this is not enough. These products have to be cost-efficient and user-friendly. They need to work well.


Xioneer is open to working with all 3D printer manufacturers. The company believes that this openness, together with the willingness to deliver great products to manufacturers and end-users, will help the company push the FFF technology to a new level.

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