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Technical Analysis SSYS - The negative trend is over?

Today we are going to examine the trend of Stratasys which is a part of the 3DE-10 INDEX that tracks the stock performance of 10 leading 3D printing companies listed on exchanges in the United States.

If we examine the stock performance in the past 6 months, we can identify a clear negative trend, all the way from it's peak point of $21 a share, to $10 during November:

In the past month, the stock price is moving sideways, reaching an interesting resistant point around $11. The big sellers disappeared for now, and there is a delicate balance between buyers and sellers.

Image source: Yahoo finance

Let's examine the same situation using the moving average indicators of 6,13,26, and 50 days:

Image source: Yahoo finance

Here we can see how the moving average indicators of 6,13, and 26 are exactly in the same point, while the stock price is slightly above them. The way to the 50 moving averaged is just around the corner, a move up of only 3%.

A known technical rule is - when the stock price is crossings upwards these indicators, the stock is switching from a negative to a positive trend. The conclusion in SSYS case is simple - crossing the $11.50 level, in high volume, will be an interesting entry point for investors, and might signal the end of the negative trend.

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